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Why CAT?

Q: How did CAT get its name?
A: CAT comes from the acronym Cash And Transact which is how the application works!

Q: What is a mobile wallet and why is CAT different?
A: A mobile wallet is an electronic portal (mobile phone tablet, internet, etc) where users can store and access a variety of payments. The CAT application is different because it allows for cash payment rather than just credit card as most wallets do. Our target market is the cash based user.

Q: Where can I use CAT?
A: Participating merchants can be found on the CAT locator available through the application, portal or website.

Q: How much does it cost to use CAT?
A: Cash in is $1.50 convenience fee to the user. Product purchases are simply the cost of the product. Person to person transfers are $.50 to the sending party.

Q: Does CAT use NFC technology?
A: No, in an effort to keep cost down and ensure the service is available to most users, NFC is not used. Instead, a PIN is assigned to the user to perform most transactions.

Register for CAT

Q: How do I register for the CAT service?
A: Register by visiting a participating merchant, through the CAT portal or through the application itself.

Q: What is the difference between a lite user and a fully registered user?
A: Users are able to register initially as a lite user by simply providing their phone number. As a lite user, you are able to add funds, add funds to your wireless account, add funds to another user’s wireless account and use the locator.

Fully registered users provide additional information required by the government. In addition to the lite user functionality, a fully registered user is able to do person to person transfers to users that are in the network (to a lite or fully registered user) or to users that do not have a CAT account.

Q: How do I become a fully registered user?
A: Access the CAT customer portal on the Internet or navigate through your CAT application on your phone to add the additional information to become a fully registered user.

Q: What information is needed to complete full registration?
A: Through the portal or the CAT application, a user must provide their name, address, birth date and a government issued ID (driver’s license, social security number, green card number or passport number). The CAT registration process will also ask for your email address as an optional field to be alerted to special programs or updates.

Q:  To fully register, CAT is asking for my Social Security Number or Tax ID.  Why?

A: This information is required under the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOT Act.  It is important information to provide to safeguard yourself from identity theft, financial fraud and to prevent money laundering and terrorist activities.

Using the CAT Mobile Wallet

Q: How do I add funds to my CAT account?
A: Users can use the locator on the website or within the portal or application to find a participating merchant. Participating merchants are able to accept cash payments.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can add to my account a day?
A: A minimum of $10 can be added to your account. The maximum amount to load for a lite user is $1,000.

Q: What is the cost to add funds to my CAT account?
A: A $1.50 convenience fee will apply when users add cash to their CAT mobile wallet.

Q: When is the CAT service available?
A: Users are able to use the service and can purchase product 24×7.

Q: How do I view my CAT transactions?
A: There are three ways to view your transaction history. First, through the CAT application, users are able to go to My Account to view the Last 5 Transactions. Additionally, the CAT portal offers a report that allows users to go back 6 months for transaction history.

Q: How do I check my balance?
A: Your balance is available real time by accessing the My Account option on your CAT application or through the customer portal. Simply select Check My Balance.

Q: I would like to change my CAT wallet’s primary language to Spanish. How do I make this adjustment?
A: From the main menu on the portal or through the application, select My Account. Change Language will allow the user to select English or Spanish.

Q: If I want to change my PIN number, how would I do this?
A: My Account from the main menu provides a Change PIN option. Users should select a 6 digit PIN that can use numbers or letters. Digits cannot be used more than 3 times in a row.

Q: How do I purchase wireless minutes through the CAT system?
A: Each main menu (portal or application) gives the user the option to select Buy Airtime. From this screen, a user can choose to add airtime to the phone they are using for their CAT wallet or they can add funds to another wireless user’s account.

Q: Why do I need to enter the phone number twice for transactions?
A: Products are non-refundable so the CAT system ensures the proper number is entered before the transaction can be processed.

Q: What types of wireless products are available for purchase on the CAT system?
A: The CAT system allows for prepaid wireless top ups and PINs (wireless and long distance).

Q: What can I expect to see as validation of my transactions?
A: SMS messaging is sent upon each transaction performed within CAT.

Q: What additional functions am I able to do on the portal versus my CAT smartphone application?
A: Within the portal, you are able to view additional reports showing action within the application and portal as well as transaction reporting that goes back 6 months.

CAT Security

Q: How do I know my money and information are safe using the CAT wallet?
A: Not only does the CAT system secure customer by encrypting all sensitive data, but it requires secure based authentication to conduct financial transactions. It is important to note that the CAT system adheres to the AML (Anti Money Laundering) act and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

The consumer portal prohibits users from access following three successive login failures within a 24 hour period.

Only you know your PIN information. This is not something that the CAT care team can see.

Additionally, to “cash out” a user is required to login to generate a token which is then presented to the merchant and expires within 72 hours.

Q: What is the purpose of my security question and security word if I already have a PIN number?
A: The secret word allows for the Customer Support team to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your account. The secret word assists you, the user, to retrieve your PIN information should you forget or lose it.

Troubleshooting Your CAT Account

Q: What types of phones are supported for the CAT Mobile Wallet?
A: CAT can be used by an Android, the iPhone and is available to users with the Java ME operating system. To see if your phone is supported by CAT, there are a number of websites you can visit to see if you have Java ME:, and

Q: What do I do if I get a new phone?
A: If you get a new phone, but keep the same phone number, simply download the application onto the new phone. Your phone number and PIN will work just as they did on the previous phone.

Q: What do I do if I change my phone number?
A: It is suggested for phone number changes that a new account is created within the portal for the new account and a person to person transfer is initiated from the old account to the new account should there be funds remaining in the old account.

Q: I am a lite user, what can I expect as far as support goes?
A: Lite user support is fairly limited as users cannot be verified. Basic CAT questions can be answered by the team, but we recommend the user become a fully registered user in order for us to provide account validation and specific answers for that account.

Q: How do I close out my account?
A: To close out your CAT account, your funds should be run down whether it be through product purchase or person to person transfers, then the user should call into CAT Customer Support to provide their secret word for authorization to close out the account.

Q: How do I reach the CAT Customer Support team?
A: Customer Support can be reached by email at or via phone 24×7 at 800-741-7806.

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