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Introducing CAT™
A new breed of mobile wallet.

Born from prepaid market leader Emida Technologies, CAT™ has been the result of blood, sweat and tears since 1996. Our team consists of many great minds with a thirst for flawless performance. From engineers to visionaries, we just get it. We get strong security. We get sleek simplicity. We get mobile wallets.

Headquartered in California, CAT was developed to meet the needs of all consumers. CAT’s dominant presence makes it possible for cash-preferred and banked customers alike to do more with their money. Our proven system has worked abroad, and this powerful method of transacting through a phone has just landed in your backyard.

It’s freedom in a phone backed with the force of team that’s been in the prepaid game for years. Top up, pay your bills, and transfer money all from one place – and never even leave your home. With an application this slick, you’ll soon realize that the only thing scary about using a mobile wallet is using the other guys’.

Discover how mobile money should be. Discover this new way to interact with your cash, and you’ll soon realize what we’re proud of: CAT™ – one killer mobile wallet.

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